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liked but didn’t reblog yesterday. fixing that. best aesthetic award. View high resolution

liked but didn’t reblog yesterday. fixing that. best aesthetic award.

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The greatest metal cover of a videogame song known to man

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if anyone has ever told you that getting a haircut wont change your life forever and make all of your problems disappear they were fuckign LYING straight to your face

my old school photos with long messy-in-a-bad-way hair make me collapse like a dying star and explode into millions of pieces of cringing matter. then I cut it short and now all my photos are tbqh pretty swish. this post carries much truth.

also your new hair is great, real good job on the looking fuckin cool front.


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well then

oh, okay


when ur friends are cool and talented and ur just


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I wonder what would happen if somebody invented a video game wherein your vision is first-person camera and you never see a reflection or yourself or hear your own voice but you basically just have to do standard action game stuff and then at the end of the game it goes into third-person camera and BAM TURNS OUT YOU WERE A LADY ALL ALONG I would just be interested to know how that would be received by the gaming community


uh bullshit portal you could easily see yourself in first person. portal next to a portal.

also, portal isn’t a standard action game at all.

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Approaching the 100,000th level of hell.

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